Doctoral thesis defended

Notifying the public of the defence aka nailing the thesis.

How To Survive Your PhD Thesis Defense

Guidelines for the licentiate thesis The public presentation and examination of a licentiate thesis must take place in a publically announced licentiate seminar. After the public defence After a successful defence or licentiate seminar, you are ready to apply for your degree, providing that you are finished with your coursework. Ladok data is used for the diploma Apply for your degree and diploma. Conferment ceremony for doctoral degrees The ceremony takes place in the Stockholm City Hall on the last Friday in September. Contact Conferment Ceremony for New Doctors doktorspromotion su.

Thesis Defense - Detailed Guide to Ease Your Preparation

Regulations Student positions. Featured Articles The passion for bacteria led her to a doctoral degree Short term accommodation at Stockholm University Guesthouse Nobel Laureate Feringa visited PhD students About this website and cookies Privacy policy Vacancies Contact. Of course, detailed preparation of your presentation and speech is highly important. You also sjould be sure all your citations are done right.

How to Get the Highest Grade for Thesis Defense?

But we have some other recommendations to follow if you want to get the highest grade for the thesis defense:. It would be a good idea to plan your speech and think about the questions that the faculty commission board may ask you. Learn how to write a thesis introduction : secrets, tips, advice. The major criteria for the evaluation of theses and the results of their defense are the following ones:.

Prepare and practice your presentation

Thesis statement defense is not an easy thing to do, especially if you do not have any experience. The same goes to thesis statement writing. We hope that the above tips will be useful for you; however, if you do not want to risk and want to rest assured about a high grade, then you can order a professional assistance from us on this site; just like for many students from around the world, we will help you write a top-quality thesis on any topic and will prepare a brilliant presentation as well as an all-covering speech for the defense!

Seeking professional writing guidance? Choose your Type of Work. Writing Editing Slides. Choose your Academic Level. Set Pages Count to. Your email. You find templates for the minutes on the Swedish version of this page. Visit lunduniversity. Have you completed you degree and defended your thesis?

Then you might want to prepare for the Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony. Skip to main content.

How To Defend Your Thesis? Top 10 Tips For Success

Activate BrowseAloud. Employment Support and tools Research and education Organisation and governance. Javascript is not activated in your browser. This website needs javascript activated to work properly. Defence of doctoral thesis. Faculty of Social Sciences. This page guides you about how a public defence is planned and what formal requirements there are. Request and book a date for a thesis defence The public defence of a thesis is to take place during the semester. External reviewer, the chair and examining committee The external reviewer, the chair and examining committee are appointed by the dean after a proposal from the department.

Forms for proposal can be found on the Swedish site The doctoral thesis The PhD student is responsible for editing the doctoral thesis.