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Louis… seem to be timed and spaced… Now the first machine reaches the shore. He stands watching, looking over the city. His steel, cowlish head is even with the skyscrapers. He waits for the others. This is the end now.

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Smoke comes out… black smoke, drifting over the city. People in the streets see it now. As the report seemingly brought breaking news of an unprecedented disaster of an unstoppable Martian attack, a nervous nation verged momentarily on the brink of panic. People gripped armchairs in disbelief.

The Infamous “War of the Worlds” Radio Broadcast Was a Magnificent Fluke

Some seized shotguns in defiance. Others piled into cars in despair. The program is considered a major episode in broadcast history. The War of the Worlds is a timely and timeless piece of literature that poses a primordial question concerning the fabric of civilization—a story that contemplates the cause and consequence of cultural upheaval and the miraculous balance that is universally taken for granted. Though a shocking book on its own merits, it is even more shocking that the work of Wells encapsulates a type of hype that is prevalent and pervading.

As surprising as it sounds, much stands to be gleaned and gained from this forerunner of the interplanetary genre as the world moves unsteadily into unthinkable wars as tremendous technologies and changes almost worthy of science fiction cast great and growing threats to the human race. In short, the significance of The War of the Worlds is that scientific romances often spring from the scientific realities that drive the world to war.

With The War of the Worlds , H. Wells cemented the seminal story of human contact with life on other planets—and they did not come in peace. These capsules soon prove to contain bulky, oily, creatures who painfully struggle forth under the foreign atmosphere to construct looming mechanisms designed to exterminate human beings with remorseless rapidity and efficiency. Their terrible, towering tripods—now iconic in alien lore—wipe away cities with searing heat rays and smother multitudes with noxious black smoke.

The extraterrestrial invaders methodically rampage England, decimating resisting armies and navies alike, while systematically taking possession of the earth and preparing it for their own. As the Martian militia marches calmly across the land laying waste and devastation to everything in sight, the panic of the people is both painful and poignant.

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Multitudes flee London and the surrounding boroughs en masse , trampling each other down even to death in the frothing mud with their feet and their fear. The frantic desperation of the surging throng is far more terrifying in a way than the smoothly striding monsters. Confusion, starvation, and desolation tug and tear at the bulwarks of society and psychology until the floodgates are broken and humanity is reduced to a swarming anthill of helpless brutality, hapless insanity, and hopeless ingenuity. With disturbing dioramas and vignettes of destruction, Wells drags readers to the heart of distress and sets it against a throbbing backdrop of sheer pandemonium as civilization is shaken.

The intrigue of the novel is skillfully and equally divided between the thrill of alien assault and the challenge of human survival. In these days of turmoil, there is hardly need for Martian attacks to cause terror. Kurt Vonnegut. Robert M. George Orwell. Ray Bradbury. Arthur C.

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Popular Features. New Releases. The War of the Worlds. Description The first modern tale of alien invasion, H. Wells's The War of the Worlds remains one of the most influential science fiction novels ever published. The night after a shooting star is seen streaking through the sky from Mars, a cylinder is discovered on Horsell Common in London. At first, naive locals approach the cylinder armed just with a white flag - only to be quickly killed by an all-destroying heat-ray, as terrifying tentacled invaders emerge.

Soon the whole of human civilisation is under threat, as powerful Martians build gigantic killing machines, destroy all in their path with black gas and burning rays, and feast on the warm blood of trapped, still-living human prey. The forces of the Earth, however, may prove harder to beat than they at first appear. The War of the Worlds has been the subject of countless adaptations, including an Orson Welles radio drama which caused mass panic when it was broadcast, with listeners confusing it for a news broadcast heralding alien invasion; a musical version by Jeff Wayne; and, most recently, Steven Spielberg's film version, starring Tom Cruise.

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