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Consequently, it is usually necessary include semantic information provided by way of Wordnet or other lexical resources. This project provides scope for students to learn about different facets of semantic text processing, and to apply appropriate techniques to some problem of the student's choosing. Students should also have experience with the Python programming language, and preferably also Matlab. Data mining is the process of sorting through large amounts of data in search for novel and useful information that can be used to aid decision making. It is often used in business intelligence and financial analysis systems, but is increasingly being used in the sciences to extract information from the enormous data sets generated by modern experimental and observational methods.

It has been described as "the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data" and "the science of extracting useful information from large data sets or databases. Students are invited to propose a domain and to discuss this with the supervisor.

Students should also be proficient in Matlab. The research will investigate the use of AI techniques for better path prediction or accident avoidance or port management.

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The outcome is preferably will be able to feed in and out information to the simulation environment. In services with huge data, information is updated very frequently, though each user may need part of the information within certain context. This research is set to research concept of Dynamic Context. The main focus will be on conceptual specification of the context. Once such a model has been formally defined, it should be able to apply this to large system with many stakeholders with different information needs. Knowledge of XML is necessary. Users in different environments may use different smart devices to complete their activities tasks.

This aim of this research is to investigate and develop optimum methods for users to make use of smart devices in their surroundings to accomplish their tasks. This project will require knowledge of device communication and mobile programming.

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The aim of research is to investigate and develop methodologies for moving objects or cluster and provide prediction and decision support in applications such as disaster management. The research uses the standards for spatial and weather to integrate information in different domain and provide current context and prediction of objects or clusters in such environments.

This research requires knowledge of XML and standards in weather and good knowledge of programming. The energy-efficiency problem in wireless network design has received significant attention in the past few years. Most of the works are for designing efficient routing schemes because traditional routing schemes designed for the Internet tend to consume more power.

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The objective of this research study is to design a new power-aware routing scheme for ad hoc and sensor networks. Clients aren't likely to entrust their data to another company without a guarantee that they'll be able to access their information whenever they want and no one else will be able to get at it". Thus it is very important to ensure that proper encryption algorithm is in place to protect the data access. In this project, the student is expected to review the literature and come out with an efficient and light-weighted algorithm for protecting the data. Unlike data compressions which are mostly lossless, audio compression are mostly lossy.

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Depending upon the type of equipment used for reproduction, different audio compression codec like MP3, RM etc. It is relatively a new technique to watermark along with compressing audio. The objective of this research project is study various audio compression schemes, their performance over different networks and the strength of the watermarking schemes used for ownership.

A biosensor is an analytical device for the detection of an analyte that combines a biological component with a physicochemical detector component. Cryptography helps people to achieve confidentiality, integrity and authenticity while communicating with unknown or known people over the unknown network.

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However, once an attacker hacked into a network or computer, it is necessary to make a thorough study on what information the attackers are looking for and how to collect evidences for prosecution. The process is more OS dependant; the process also depends on the software used. This introductory project on Computer Forensic and crime investigation, aims at making a good revision on various techniques available in the literature, establish their strengths and weaknesses and propose a suitable improvements.

Students opting for the project must have a strong mathematical aptitude and strong programming and OS skills. Development of multiple face recognition MFR systems is useful to domain applications such as bank security management. In this project, students will experience the whole process of MFR systems design and implementation. The key steps include database building, eigen face based recognition algorithm, clustering and learning classification techniques, system implementation and robustness analysis.

Learning pseudo metrics LPMs can be used in data mining tasks and previous studies indicated its power to improve clustering and classification performance on semantic data.

Neural Networks with Random Weights RWNNs is a class of random basis function networks, which have demonstrated good potential to be employed in modelling large scale of data in high dimensional space. This project aims to develop a framework of RWNN-based learning pseudo metrics for data mining.

Benchmark data sets including semantic clustering and classification will be employed in this study. Comparison against commonly used Euclidean distance for the problem solving will be carried out. Development of fuzzy classification systems is interesting and important for detecting transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences. Extraction and optimization of detection rules will be addressed in this study.

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  • To develop such rule-based intelligent systems for DNA motif identification, features of k-mers will be extracted firstly. Then, fuzzy rule extraction and optimization techniques will be addressed. Some real data sets will be used to evaluate the proposed systems. An bioinformatics tool is expected to be developed through this study. Comprehensive comparisons to existing tools will be carried out to demonstrate knowledge advancement.

    To deal with very imbalanced classification problems, one-class classification OCC systems have been developed by many researchers over the last decade.

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    This project aims to combine the traditional OCC system design with ensemble learning techniques to improve the classification performance. To build fuzzy inference systems or neuro-fuzzy intelligent systems, the extraction of a set of fuzzy rules from numerical data plays a key role for successful modelling or forecasting time series data. This project aims to further develop robust extraction of fuzzy rulebase using association analysis in data mining. It is expected that the generated rulebase will result in a more robust fuzzy system against some uncertainties presence.

    Some typical business applications will be employed for assessing the merits and shortcomings of the proposed techniques. Students will have a good opportunity to further develop their knowledge base and implementation skills with this project. Computational approached for motif discovery in DNA sequences demonstrated promising results. However, the existing tools for motif finding are lack of reliability and scalability, and the obtained results vary from each run of the programs. This uncertainty makes the biologists unsatisfied because they do not know which result will be further verified in wet laboratory.

    Therefore, it is meaningful to develop more reliable searching tools to reduce the cost in labs. Students to take this project need strong programming skills, knowledge on data mining and computational intelligence. Students who have a supervisor from Bendigo Campus will need to attend a short fortnightly meeting with their Melbourne co-supervisor to discuss their progress. Please see our staff page for a list of academic staff located at the Bendigo Campus. Please contact the Bendigo staff member s whose thesis topics are of interest to you.

    When you have decided on an appropriate topic and wish to fill out the required form for supervision from a Bendigo academic, please use the Thesis Administration Form available from the General Office. At the same time, a co-supervisor from Melbourne campus will be determined and confirmed by the Bendigo main supervisor. The Bendigo academic's signature will not be required. Acceptance of the supervision from the Bendigo academic will be confirmed by email to the 4th Year Coordinator.

    Least cost routing is a common practice in the telco wholesale industry. Typically a telco will send all the voice traffic from all its customers for a specific destination, e. India, via the cheapest provider with acceptable quality. However with the latest VoIP technology many providers are mixing traditional PSTN routes with VoIP routes in order to lower costs when selling voice termination to their wholesale customers.